Colts still cautious with Andrew Luck's left calf, as QB misses practice again

Shalise Manza YoungYahoo Sports Contributor

The Indianapolis Colts are not going to take any chances with Andrew Luck.

The quarterback has a left calf injury, and since he feels he hasn’t been making progress, the Colts are being cautious.

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Sits Tuesday, will keep sitting

More rehab: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will be shut down for most of this week as he continues to deal with a left calf injury. (Getty Images)
More rehab: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will be shut down for most of this week as he continues to deal with a left calf injury. (Getty Images)

Via the Associated Press, Luck did not practice Tuesday even though Indianapolis did not practice on Monday; he told coaches that his strained calf felt worse after the first week of camp.

Colts coach Frank Reich said Luck will miss at least three more days and will also sit for the team’s preseason opener in Buffalo next week.

“I’ve made progress ever since I started working on this issue, but the progress wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough,” Luck said. “I feel like something’s going to yank, something’s going to pull trying to change directions aggressively. That’s something you need to do to play football and I’m not there yet.”

On Sunday, Luck reportedly had a slight limp between plays and missed some throws. When Reich and team medical staff met with Luck and he told them about the continuing soreness and pain around his ankle, they made a quick decision.

Sat for much of the spring

Luck got hurt in the spring, and Indianapolis essentially shut him down for the rest of the offseason program in terms of workouts. Luck also didn’t have his customary time on the West Coast with teammates.

When camp began, he was limited to individual drills and 7-on-7 work. But it was still too much.

“You probably won’t see him the next two days and then we’ll have another off day and then we’ll go from there,” Reich said. “Honestly, if he had come in here 100 percent healthy, I had already determined he was not going to play in the Buffalo game anyway. That was determined three months ago. I wouldn’t play him the last preseason game.

“So the plan, in a perfect world, would have been to play him a little bit in Game 2 and a little bit in Game 3 but not a whole lot.”

Luck said after his prolonged shoulder issue, he promised himself he’d be more open about his health with himself and staff.

“This is something that I vowed to myself after going through 2016, 2017, that I would be, one, honest with myself about how I felt and, two, honest to the people who are involved,” Luck said. “I know I did not improve with the last tranche of practices.”

Hoping to start vs. Chargers

Though he wouldn’t definitively say yes, Luck indicated that if the Colts had a regular-season game in the coming days he would be playing.

And he hopes to start in the opener against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sept. 8, but he wouldn’t pin down a specific return date.

“Bodies don’t care about a date on a calendar or whatever,” Luck said. “I’m not looking for average. If I go out here with pain, I’ll be average. I will feel like an average quarterback, I’ll be an average quarterback. That’s not good enough for me, and it’s not good enough for this club.”

Backup Jacoby Brissett has been running the first-team offense in Luck’s absence.

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