Colts RB Tyler Goodson fights back tears after 4th-down pass from Gardner Minshew falls incomplete: 'I know I'm not a failure'

The Colts lost a win-and-in game to the Texans on Saturday night

With a chance to keep their season alive, a fourth-down pass for the Indianapolis Colts fell painfully incomplete Saturday, ensuring a victory for the Houston Texans in a win-and-in game for the postseason.

After the game, Colts running back Tyler Goodson was visibly emotional while putting the blame on himself for the incomplete pass.

The pivotal play took place on fourth-and-1 with 1:06 remaining in regulation. Quarterback Gardner Minshew took a shotgun snap, then threw a pass to Goodson in the left flat that would have gained a first down had it been completed. Instead it fell to the turf.

The pass was not on target. It forced Goodson to spin around and adjust in an effort to make the catch. Goodson got his hands on the ball, but couldn't haul it in. The Texans took over on downs after the incomplete pass and ran all but one second off the game clock. They took an intentional safety on their final play from scrimmage before a free kick ended the game.

Tearful Goodson talks failed play

Goodson fought back tears while speaking with reporters postgame.

"I work too hard to drop the ball like that," Goodson said. "I've got to accept that on the chin, and that's OK."

A reporter responded to Goodson that the ball wasn't on target. Goodson continued to take the blame for the incomplete pass.

"It still touched my hands," Goodson continued. "It's all good. It's all good. It touched my hands. But next year, I won't be in that position ever again. We've been repping that play all week. I knew that play was me. And when we called it, it as all about making the play.

"When that ball came to me, I happened to fail today. But I'm standing tall. It's over. A lot of the guys came up to me, 'keep your head up.' Never lose my confidence. Just keep being me and keep being myself. That's what I'm going to continue to do."

Tyler Goodson said the late incompletion against Houston made him feel like a failure. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Tyler Goodson said the late incompletion against Houston made him feel like a failure. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

Goodson then added that the drop made him feel like a failure in the moment.

"Honestly, I was just feeling like a failure," Goodson said. "I know I'm not a failure. I'm gonna just state that. I felt a lot of love from the teammates, everybody telling me to keep my head up. Me just being me, I'm always hard on myself. I know I could have made that play, and that play should have been made."

He told ESPN that the play "doesn't define me as a player" and vowed to use it as motivation moving forward.

Minshew: 'I wish I would have put a better ball on him'

Minshew likewise put the blame on himself for the failed play.

"I wish I would have put a better ball on him, given us a better chance," Minshew said in his news conference. "It's a hard way to go, man.

"It was a great call, perfect look. I'd throw it to Goody a million times over. It was just one of those plays. ... I told him I'd go back with him every time. I'd throw that ball every time. I've got a ton of trust and faith in him and the player he is and he's gonna be."

It was a painful way for the Colts to see their season end. Had they gained a first down, they would have kept the drive moving in the red zone where a touchdown and extra point would have secured a late lead. With a win, they would have advanced to the playoffs. Instead, their season is over, and the Texans are postseason-bound.