Colts linebacker Darius Leonard is tired of answering Andrew Luck questions: 'We gotta move on'

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Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard appreciates everything Andrew Luck has done for the franchise, but is tired of answering questions about whether the quarterback will come out of retirement. Leonard expressed frustration over being asked about Luck, saying the Colts have to “move on,” according to TMZ.

Leonard played with Luck for one year before Luck abruptly retired prior to the 2019 NFL season. Despite that, Colts players have faced constant questions about whether Luck will return to the team. Leonard explained why he’s sick of those questions, while also being respectful of Luck.

Leonard’s issue boils down to this: The Colts have been playing without Luck for two seasons. At some point, people have to “move on” from asking about Luck. Leonard added the franchise appreciates and respects everything Luck did while he was a member of the Colts.

Jim Irsay to address Andrew Luck issue

It’s not just the players who are being asked about Luck. Colts owner Jim Irsay will address the situation during an interview that will air after the Super Bowl on Sunday. In a tease promoting that interview, Irsay says Luck is “more retired now than he was a year and a half ago.”

To give it some finality, Irsay adds “there’s really no wiggle room” with Luck. He’s retired from the NFL and has no desire to come back.

The Colts could lessen questions about Luck by finding a long-term solution at quarterback this offseason. With Philip Rivers retiring, the Colts will be looking to add a new starter via free agency or the draft.

Making the right choice would go a long way toward the team no longer facing questions about Luck’s return.

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