Colts hold No. 15 overall pick in 2024 NFL draft

The Indianapolis Colts officially hold the No. 15 overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft following the conclusion of the Week 18 slate of games.

Though the Colts’ 2023 season came to an end in a disappointing fashion considering all the opportunities they had to win the division had they come out victorious in Week 18 against the Houston Texans, the future is still incredibly bright.

With Anthony Richardson looking to come back healthy after showing immense promise early on during his rookie season and with some other pieces showing upside under a strong coaching staff, there is a lot of optimism for this unit heading into 2024.

How the Colts go about the draft is a complete mystery at this point in January, and we won’t fully know what their plans are until free agency and the pre-draft process get underway over the next few months.

Entering the offseason, it’s clear the Colts will need to add some explosive weapons for Richardson to work with, and they could still use some help in the secondary, especially at the safety position.

But with Richardson entering his second season, they won’t be pigeon-holed to commit to a single position during the draft so it should make for a fun process leading up to the end of April.

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire