Colts’ Dayo Odeyingbo has bulked up this offseason

Indianapolis Colts defensive lineman Dayo Obeyingbo, a second-round pick in 2021, is now entering his third season and second full offseason completely healthy.

Odeyingbo recently met with the media and shared that he has added more muscle to his massive frame.

“I’m probably about 285 (pounds), but I probably put on like 11 pounds of muscle,” Odeyingbo told reporters in May. “It’s been great. I’ve gotten a lot stronger than I’ve been. I’ve put on a lot of muscle and I’m feeling good this offseason.”

The Vanderbilt product understands that adding strength and explosiveness will be key parts of his development as he enters his third season in the league.

“I mean my thought process behind it was just gaining as much muscle and losing as much body fat. So, trying to balance that out so I don’t gain too much weight. Just trying to figure out that balance. It’s just been hard work lifting weights, staying on my diet and supplementing the right way – things like that.”

Odeyingbo also added that in addition to feeling stronger, his Achilles, which he tore in January of 2021, is also feeling stronger.

“Yeah, it’s definitely a work in progress throughout last season. I feel like obviously throughout the season I got more comfortable both with the injury and then just being in the NFL and playing football again,” Odeyingbo said. “Even up to this point and through this offseason I felt a lot of growth through the injury and just the entire body gaining strength and gaining balance.”

Entering into a crucial Year 3, the Colts need their young pass rushers to produce and be mainstays on the defensive line.

If Odeyingbo can continue to build off of his strong end of 2022, he could be a force on the defensive line for the Colts this season.

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire