Colts cut Saints lead to 21-20 before halftime

The Colts played a shootout against the Browns last weekend and there's another one going on in Indianapolis this Sunday.

The Saints and Colts combined for five touchdowns in the first half and the Colts also kicked a pair of field goals. Matt Gay's second kick came with seconds to play in the second quarter and it cut the Saints' lead to 21-20 at the break.

Derek Carr is 9-of-12 for 174 yards and two touchdowns for the Saints, but he also lost a fumble that set up a Colts touchdown. Gardner Minshew is 13-of-21 for 102 yards and a touchdown to wide receiver Michael Pittman. Pittman has six catches for 32 yards and Jonathan Taylor has run 11 times for 94 yards.

Both defenses will try to make adjustments at the half and the team that does it best will likely come away with a win.