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October 11, 2012


To date, 2012 has been a season of asterisks* for Oklahoma State football; equal parts electrifying and mystifying. The Cowboys opened at home against FCS opponent Savannah State - a team so hopelessly outmatched*, the results have been completely discarded from every meaningful statistical analysis*. The following week, Wes Lunt notched the first loss of his freshman campaign* against Arizona - in a game marred by turnovers* and penalties*, but interspersed with tantalizing flashes of talent*. Six plays into his third game, Lunt was sidelined by an injury and redshirt freshman* JW Walsh took care of the Ragin' Cajuns in record-breaking* fashion. Following a bye week, Walsh continued his offensive proficiency* - albeit in a losing effort against Texas*. All of which left OSU as the second worst team in the Big 12*, preparing for only its second contest in 28 days**, against the worst team in the league*. An afterthought to the college football world, Saturday's game against Kansas could easily be billed as a battle for the Big 12 cellar. Yet the Cowboys (and this fan at least) seem confident in a second consecutive Big 12 title run. A one (or even two) loss champion is highly probable and every opponent left on the schedule is beatable. The margin is razor thin - but running the table is certainly a plausible scenario. Quietly and methodically, the Pokes championship run begins Saturday. Positioned comfortably outside of the top 25, the next three weeks will slip glacially by in relative obscurity. Not until OSU leaves the Little Apple victorious will the media eye again be cast in the Cowboys' direction. In the event of a Synder-Cat taming, keep an eye on Morgantown-area Red Bull sales and high-end real estate in both Norman and Lubbock. The Cowboy's are comin'...and hell is comin' with 'em.

  • Listed in the order they appear.
  • Yes, it was an FCS opponent, but this game was still OSU's most lopsided victory since 1916.
  • Statistics from the SSU game are meaningless on so many levels, it would have been better for everyone (except the 3rd and 4th teamers) had the game never been played.
  • First *true* freshman QB in school history to start the season opener.
  • Two of Lunt's INTs were tipped (catchable) balls and not *really* his fault. Not that anyone cares.
  • A school record 167 penalty yards would have been north of 200 yards had "half the distance to the goal" not come into play (see also Zeno's Paradox).
  • Lunt's 436 yards set a Big 12 freshman passing record - worthy of fourth highest yards total in school history.
  • Perhaps the first time the Cowboys had ever gone from one freshman QB to another freshman QB?
  • A backup QB who is not known for his throwing ability, set a new school record with 742 yards of offense.
  • Good for the fourth highest QB rating in the country. Highest of the Gundy era?
  • Ball did not cross the goal line, check. Runner lost the ball, check. OSU recovered, check. TD Texas! (Green Bay says hello.)
  • If anyone believes this...
  • Bye weeks - especially bye weeks before playing KU - tend to generate blogosphere blatherskite such as you are now reading.
  • Yes, pretty much everyone believes Kansas is the league's worst.

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