A college graduate invited a stranger into his car

On Feb. 1, Phillip Vu posted a video in which he and the 46-year-old man — identified only as Mike — shared stories. Vu explained that Mike had offered to clean his car windows in the freezing weather. So, Vu bought him dinner and invited him to sit in his car. What the college graduate “never expected,” however, was that the two would open up to each other. “How did you end up being homeless?” Vu asks Mike in a TikTok that has since received more than 1.7 million views. Mike responds by saying that his mother had passed away, forcing him to survive on his own. “I do what I have to do,” he says. “I walk around and ask people if I can pump their gas, do their windows, make money honestly”. Mike then asks Vu about himself, to which Vu reveals that he had lost a parent. A longer version of Vu’s interaction with Mike shows the two engaging in a nearly 10-minute-long conversation. Social media users have since praised the two men’s open conversation. “You are showing that there is still good people out there in the world please continue spreading kindness,” one user commented. Vu has since started a GoFundMe to benefit Mike, where he has raised over $3,100