‘College GameDay’ host reacts to Lee Corso concerns

If you watch ESPN’s “College GameDay” on Saturday mornings in the fall you’ve likely noticed a bit less of Lee Corso on the program over the past few years. The former coach is 87 years old and the survivor of a stroke he suffered in 2009.

Unfortunately Corso had a difficult appearance on GameDay this past weekend when he tried to discuss the role the SEC championship game would play in determining the four College Football Playoff teams. He stumbled over his words and wound up essentially saying that the SEC champion wouldn’t be the SEC champion.

GameDay host Rece Davis made an appearance on the “Dan LeBatard Show” Tuesday and was asked about Corso’s health and well-being.

“He’s doing great. I speak to him regularly,” Davis said. “This weekend in Columbus, I think you’ll see a much more comfortable environment and you’ll see him be able to deliver as he still does, which is remarkable.” – Rece Davis

By the sounds of it, Corso will not be leaving the program anytime soon. Assuming he wants to keep doing it, I’m happy he’s sticking around.

We take a lot of things in sports way too seriously when they’re meant to be an escape from the obstacles of life for the majority. Corso putting the head gear on at this point is still fun, and he appears to get enjoyment out of it.

Perhaps I need to find more things to be angry about to fit the mold of so many sports talkers. Corso’s fastball has long been gone, but that doesn’t mean his famous headgear selections need to suddenly vanish.

I look forward to Corso putting the headgear on this weekend, even if its almost certainly going to be Brutus Buckeye’s that he sports.


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Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire