College Football Week 5 Picks: 10 Best Games For A Parlay

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If we wanted to put together a 10-team parlay for Week 5 of the college football season, what should we do? Here are our ten best parlay picks.

Pete Fiutak @PeteFiutak

Close doesn’t count in parlays.

For example, last week in my Sure Thing 10-Team Parlay – which would’ve only won you $26 on a $100 investment – I got nine out of the ten right, but Auburn, Wyoming, and Fresno State were too close, and it didn’t matter thanks to an epic gack by Minnesota against Bowling Green.

When it really going, getting seven out of the first eight games right – really, North Carolina against Georgia Tech? – wasn’t good enough. We need ten, and I failed.

But I’m determined to get this right before the year is up.

Like last week, here are the rules.

1. We do NOT take underdogs. Ever.

2. This is for fun – assume you’re going to lose your money, because everyone loses at big parlays.

3. WE DO NOT TAKE UNDERDOGS. I know its tempting, and I know that’s where the big coin is, but unless you’re going for something on a 3-team parlay, don’t.

The ten best college football games for a parlay in Week 5 are …

1. Toledo -3500 vs UMass

It’s a big number to start, and it won’t get you anything, but we’re building. The whole idea is to get to ten. If we can’t get this right, there’s no reason to press on.

2. South Carolina -260 vs Troy

Big number with Toledo, so following it up with a reasonable call on an SEC team with the second pick.

2-team parlay payout on $100: $42.42

3. North Carolina -1100 vs Duke

Spite. Pure spite. North Carolina owes us for picking it here last week against Georgia Tech.

3-team parlay payout on $100: $55.36

4. Ohio State -650 vs Rutgers

Rutgers is just plucky enough to pull this off if Ohio State isn’t sharp, but … nah. Ohio State might make you sweat, but it’s not awful here at -650.

4-team parlay payout on $100: $79.27

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5. Alabama -600 vs Ole Miss

There still aren’t any big chances being taken, but taking South Carolina keeps the possible payout high with less risky mid-picks.

5-team parlay payout on $100: $109.14

6. Penn State -525 vs Indiana

I actually don’t love this pick – Indiana could absolutely pull this off – and -525 doesn’t have much value, but it’s still a reasonable call.

6-team parlay payout on $100: $148.98

7. Marshall -380 vs Middle Tennessee

As long as the Herd don’t turn it over, this isn’t where you’re going to lose it – if we’re still alive this far in.

7-team parlay payout on $100: $214.50

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8. Army -350 vs Ball State

Army worked in this spot last week, and there’s no reason to change it up now. There’s a chance Ball State rises up at home, but Army is playing too well.

8-team parlay payout on $100: $304.36

9. Memphis -420 vs Temple

Temple is way overdue to come up with a big performance out of nowhere, but as long as form holds, Memphis should help bring this home.

9-team parlay payout on $100: $400.64

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10. Vanderbilt -650 vs. UConn

Okay, okay, we didn’t go too crazy on any of these, and the overall payout isn’t anything special for a 10-team parlay, but if we get this right …

10-team parlay payout on $100: $477.66

I’ll try again next week. We’ll get one of these things right before the season is over.

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