College Football Playoff National Championship: Why You Should Cheer For TCU

The College Football Playoff National Championship is here between Georgia and TCU. Here’s why you should cheer for the TCU Horned Frogs to win.

College Football Playoff National Championship: Why You Should Cheer For TCU

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There’s no such thing as a cheap College Football Playoff national champion.

Back when it was all about the final polls – and after around 1970, what you did in the bowls – teams had the ability to win a national title with one big win and a whole lot of mediocre ones. Great records equaled perceived greatness.

There might be a whole slew of questionable national titles being claimed in a sport whose championships were based on opinions and judging for about 140 years – and still is, in some ways – but you can’t luck your way into a title now in the CFP era.

Maybe you can put up the right record and catch a few breaks to get by the bouncer to be a part of the four, but once you’re in, you still need to win two games against the best of the best teams. And this is football – you can’t get hot from three for a few games and pull off some sort of a miracle.

Georgia vs TCU CFP National Championship Preview, Prediction

It’s the College Football Playoff National Championship. This is a space reserved for the elite superpowers to battle it out at a whole other level of talent and greatness.

This is where Nick Saban became the greatest college football head coach of all-time. This is where Joe Burrow cemented his legacy with one of the greatest seasons on one of the greatest teams ever. This is Dabo, and Urban, and Deshaun, and Trevor, and Tua to DeVonta, and it’s …

Max Duggan.

It’s head coach Sonny Dykes, who had one ten-win season in his first 12 years as a head coach. He was 1-3 in bowls over his career – taking Cal to an Armed Forces Bowl win over Air Force in 2015 was one of his biggest accomplishments.

Going into this campaign, Duggan was the backup quarterback. Now the Heisman finalist has a shot at winning the national title.

College Football Playoff National Championship: Why To Cheer For Georgia

Before this season, Dykes had a career record of 73-63. Now the Coach of the Year candidate has a shot at winning the national title.

This is hardly a Little Engine That Could program – it’s had a whole lot of success over the last 25 years – but it’s not Georgia when it comes to talent level, school size, and all the big things that come with that.

It’s a Big 12 school – winning this wouldn’t be worthy of getting all schmaltzy with a “Cinderella story” narration – but it would provide a whole lot of hope for everyone else.

TCU proved it really is possible to find the right formula to keep winning, come through in the clutch time and again, and capitalize on the breaks when they come.

Win, and TCU will prove to all the other Power Five programs that might not be a Georgia, or an Alabama, or a Clemson that it really is possible to crack through the ceiling and not just get into the College Football Playoff, but to win the whole thing.

Win, and it would be a key moment to break through the status quo and give every fan base just a little bit of hope, especially with an expanded College Football Playoff coming in a few years.

Win, and it would cap off one of the most exciting and shocking seasons in college football history.

Win, and it would be the first time a Big 12 school won the College Football Playoff.

Win, and TCU football will disrupt the entire system, in a good way.

Story originally appeared on College Football News