College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 3

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The early college football lines and odds for Week 3 of the 2022 season. Where are the potential values?

What are the lines for Week 3 of the 2022 college football season – and what should they be?

After last week and all of the craziness, this gets more interesting than ever to try predicting how the public views the lines, at least right out of the gate.

As always, I give my first guess without looking, and then add the actual opening lines after.

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College Football Week 3 Lines: Friday, September 16

Florida State at Louisville
Fiu Early Guess: Florida State -2.5
Actual Line: Louisville -1

Air Force at Wyoming
Fiu Early Guess: Air Force -13
Actual Line: Air Force -15

College Football Week 3 Lines: Saturday, September 17

UConn at Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -48
Actual Line: Michigan -46.5

Oklahoma at Nebraska
Fiu Early Guess: Oklahoma -17.5
Actual Line: Oklahoma -13.5

Purdue at Syracuse
Fiu Early Guess: Purdue -3
Actual Line: Purdue -1

Cincinnati vs Miami University
Fiu Early Guess: Cincinnati -22
Actual Line: Cincinnati -20

WKU at Indiana
Fiu Early Guess: Indiana -8
Actual Line: Indiana -7.5

Georgia at South Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Georgia -22
Actual Line: Georgia -23.5

Texas State at Baylor
Fiu Early Guess: Baylor -36
Actual Line: Baylor -32.5

Buffalo at Coastal Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Coastal Carolina -22.5
Actual Line: Coastal Carolina -20

South Alabama at UCLA
Fiu Early Guess: UCLA -19.5
Actual Line: UCLA -10.5


Bowl Projections, College Football Playoff Predictions: Week 2

Ohio at Iowa State
Fiu Early Guess: Iowa State -20
Actual Line: Iowa State -20.5

Cal at Notre Dame
Fiu Early Guess: Notre Dame -10
Actual Line: Notre Dame -12.5

Tulane at Kansas State
Fiu Early Guess: Kansas State -20
Actual Line: Kansas State -17.5

North Texas at UNLV
Fiu Early Guess: UNLV -3
Actual Line: UNLV -2

Troy at Appalachian State
Fiu Early Guess: Appalachian State -16
Actual Line: Appalachian State -13

Vanderbilt at Northern Illinois
Fiu Early Guess: Vanderbilt -8
Actual Line: Vanderbilt -2.5

Colorado at Minnesota
Fiu Early Guess: Minnesota -29
Actual Line: Minnesota -27.5

BYU at Oregon
Fiu Early Guess: Oregon -5.5
Actual Line: Oregon -3.5

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College Football Week 3 Lines: Saturday, September 17

New Mexico State at Wisconsin
Fiu Early Guess: Wisconsin -33.5
Actual Line: Wisconsin -37.5

Georgia Southern at UAB
Fiu Early Guess: UAB -8
Actual Line: UAB -11.5

Penn State at Auburn
Fiu Early Guess: Penn State -5
Actual Line: Penn State -3.5

Ole Miss at Georgia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Ole Miss -16.5
Actual Line: Ole Miss -14.5

ULM at Alabama
Fiu Early Guess: Alabama -48
Actual Line: Alabama -49

Kansas at Houston
Fiu Early Guess: Houston -11
Actual Line: Houston -8

Liberty at Wake Forest
Fiu Early Guess: Wake Forest -15.5
Actual Line: Wake Forest -16

Colorado State at Washington State
Fiu Early Guess: Washington State -23
Actual Line: Washington State -17

Marshall at Bowling Green
Fiu Early Guess: Marshall -22
Actual Line: Marshall -18

Mississippi State at LSU
Fiu Early Guess: Mississippi State -2
Actual Line: Mississippi State -1


College Football Rankings: 1 To 131 After Week 2

Toledo at Ohio State
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio State -27.5
Actual Line: Ohio State -31.5

Texas Tech at NC State
Fiu Early Guess: NC State -8
Actual Line: NC State -10.5

Akron at Tennessee
Fiu Early Guess: Tennessee -51
Actual Line: Tennessee -48

Charlotte at Georgia State
Fiu Early Guess: Georgia State -17.5
Actual Line: Georgia State -20

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College Football Week 3 Lines: Saturday, September 17

Arkansas State at Memphis
Fiu Early Guess: Memphis -13
Actual Line: Memphis -13

UCF at Florida Atlantic
Fiu Early Guess: UCF -13
Actual Line: UCF -10.5

SMU at Maryland
Fiu Early Guess: Maryland -9.5
Actual Line: Maryland -2.5

Pitt at Western Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Pitt -10.5
Actual Line: Pitt -10

Michigan State at Washington
Fiu Early Guess: Washington -3
Actual Line: Washington -2.5

Louisiana at Rice
Fiu Early Guess: Louisiana -16
Actual Line: Louisiana -12.5

Nevada at Iowa
Fiu Early Guess: Iowa -16.5
Actual Line: Iowa -20.5

USF at Florida
Fiu Early Guess: Florida -29
Actual Line: Florida -26

Louisiana Tech at Clemson
Fiu Early Guess: Clemson -27
Actual Line: Clemson -31

UTSA at Texas
Fiu Early Guess: Texas -14.5
Actual Line: Texas -13

UTEP at New Mexico
Fiu Early Guess: New Mexico -5.5
Actual Line: UTEP -4.5

Miami at Texas A&M
Fiu Early Guess: Texas A&M -3.5
Actual Line: Texas A&M -6.5

San Diego State at Utah
Fiu Early Guess: Utah -19.5
Actual Line: Utah -23

Fresno State at USC
Fiu Early Guess: USC -17
Actual Line: USC -13.5

Eastern Michigan at Arizona State
Fiu Early Guess: Arizona State -23
Actual Line: Arizona State -21

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