Colin Kaepernick's lawyer predicts Panthers or Patriots will sign his client

The settlement between Colin Kaepernick and the NFL over his collusion suit has led to speculation over what’s next.

As in, will the settlement open the door for a team to sign the 31-year-old quarterback?

Kaepernick’s lawyer Mark Geragos believes so and has pointed out a pair of landing spots he believes are likely.

Mark Geragos’ ‘bold prediction’ on Kaepernick

“I’m going to make a bold prediction that one of three teams picks him up,” Geragos recently told CNN. “The natural would be if Cam Newton is out, then the natural place would be to play with Eric (Reid) in Carolina.”

Reid, the Panthers safety who recently signed a three-year extension in Carolina, was a plaintiff alongside Kaepernick in the collusion case against the NFL.

Geragos is playing into the speculation that Newton could take a season off with a shoulder injury, an idea floated by Panthers owner David Tepper after the season ended.

Tepper took chance on Reid

Tepper, a first-year owner, took over for team founder Jerry Richardson, who was forced out of the league after sexual harassment allegations surfaced. He oversaw the signing of Reid and would appear a likely candidate to sign Kaepernick as well if any owner is.

Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer is on a public campaign to get his client signed and is calling out teams by name. (Getty)
Colin Kaepernick’s lawyer is on a public campaign to get his client signed and is calling out teams by name. (Getty)

Kaepernick to Patriots?

Geragos also noted the New England Patriots as a possibility.

“Besides the Panthers, it would not surprise me if (Patriots owner) Bob Kraft makes a move,” Geragos said. “That would not surprise me.”

Kraft is a noted supporter of President Donald Trump, who has led the charge against NFL protests, urging owners to “get that son of a bitch off the field” at an Alabama political rally in 2017.

Despite his support of Trump, Kraft was critical of Trump’s tone on player protests. Kraft is also a supporter of rapper Meek Mill, who served a controversial prison sentence over a probation violation. It’s a stance that aligns with Kaepernick’s calls for social justice.

How Geragos believes Kaepernick would fit with Tom Brady is unclear.

Geragos is just guessing

CNN cut off the interview before Geragos mentioned the third team he alluded to.

It’s to be noted that Geragos is on a campaign to push for Kaepernick to sign with a team, calling him “the most fit vegan I’ve ever seen” who “looks like he’s ready to play.”

Geragos is not an NFL expert and has no insight into the thinking of NFL teams in signing Kaepernick as he makes these predictions.

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