CBS Reporter Backtracks on Whether Colin Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem

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CBS Reporter Backtracks on Whether Colin Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem
CBS Reporter Backtracks on Whether Colin Kaepernick Would Stand for Anthem

Updated: A CBS reporter is clarifying his claim Sunday that Colin Kaepernick told him he would stand for the national anthem if an NFL team signs him.

“Standing for anthem wasn’t something that I spoke to Colin about [Saturday]. I relayed what had been reported about him standing in the future,” tweeted CBS correspondent Jason La Canfora, hours after his report Sunday morning that he had spoken at length with the former San Francisco Giants quarterback.

“Reports about @Kaepernick7 standing for anthem had not been refuted. However, I cant say if they are true or not. Colin and I didn’t discuss,” La Canfora continued. “Colin would have to address any future demonstrations. I didn’t ask him if he would sit or stand. Our chat primarily about his will to play … I know @Kaepernick7 is fully committed to playing football and helping those in need. What he would do during the Anthem I do not know.”

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La Canfora had reported earlier Sunday that Kaepernick is living in New York City and has been working out in New Jersey in hopes of landing with a team.

“He’s planning on standing for the anthem if given the opportunity,” La Canfora said during Sunday morning’s NFLonCBS.

Video of the earlier CBS report can be seen below.

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Kaepernick is currently a free agent and has yet to play this season after parting way with the San Francisco 49ers in the off-season.

The athlete kneeled during the national anthem last year as quarterback for the 49ers, sparking a nationwide debate that continues to be a key focus of the current NFL season and has led even Donald Trump to offer an opinion. Vice President Mike Pence walked out of Sunday’s Colts-49ers game in response to players kneeling for the anthem.

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