Colin Cowherd’s take on Seahawks fearing 49ers is bogus

Lindsey Wisniewski
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The Seattle Seahawks have reportedly been having discussions about adding talented wide receiver Antonio Brown to their roster. Josh Gordon, who has officially applied for reinstatement following his fifth suspension, could return as another downfield target for Russell Wilson next season. 

But Colin Cowherd of FS1's The Herd believes Seattle's interest in making splash moves comes at an interesting time, citing the 49ers transcendence as the powerhouse in the NFC West. 

I think the San Francisco 49ers are so formidable that it is forcing everybody in their division -- Seattle, the L.A. Rams and Arizona -- to take big swings. When you wake up in the morning in that division and you look at San Francisco, you see what appears to be the best young coach in the NFL, the best tight end in the NFL, the best defensive line -- and most are really, really young and getting better. You have a better-than-average young franchise quarterback that could be there for 10 years, and a front office that appears to know what they're doing. It's scary. -- Colin Cowherd

The Niners did edge the Seahawks in 2019, but literally by inches. Of course, the Seahawks game plan is to get better this season and of course Seattle wants to dethrone the NFC West champs, but isn't the goal of every team to win?

The timing of these rumors is not random, it is expected. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have always had an Always Compete mentality, this is nothing new. But Russell Wilson felt his team underachieved in 2019 and the only way to get better is to find ways to get back to the Super Bowl, sooner rather than later. 

"A lot of people think that we overachieved," Wilson said. "I think we underachieved, in my opinion, because I think the goal should be always winning the Super Bowl. That's got to be our standard. That's got to be our focus.

The reality is that we've been very, very good for the past eight years or so, and to go to the playoffs seven of the eight, and to do all those things are special, special things, to go to two Super Bowls, to win one. We've got to capture that throughout the whole entire season going into next year. We've got to find ways to get better. We've got to find ways to get past just the first or second round of the playoffs and get to the final push. That's the reality. I know that's why I play the game. I know that's why a lot of guys in this locker room try to play the game [is] for that. We've got to find ways to get better and we'll try to do everything we can to figure that out. --Russell Wilson

Adding a talented, yet troubled receiver doesn't come without red flags. But not inquiring about Brown or keeping Gordon in mind would be against Carroll and Schneider's ultimate faith in "the program." 

Former Seahawks wideout Brandon Marshall knows the Seahawks could be the ideal team to rein Brown in

"This is the perfect locker room, perfect organization to be able to control that," Marshall said. "Russell Wilson is a genius. He meets people where they're at. But here's the issue: this is a wide receiver that wants 180 targets a year. This is a wide receiver, if he doesn't have 100 catches, he won't feel good about it, and think about the philosophy. Pete Carroll is a defensive guy, so he sees it through the defensive lens. 

"Pete Carroll, I want him to go get AB because it's the perfect culture, but you have to see the game through the offensive lens if this is going to work, change it up. Let Russell Wilson, you have one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the game, top 3 quarterback right now, let this guy go win for you." 

The Seahawks are just doing their due diligence. They're not overreacting to San Fransico.

Besides, with Russell Wilson under center, Seattle has the best player on the field nearly every Sunday and therefore has a chance to win each game. 

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Colin Cowherds take on Seahawks fearing 49ers is bogus originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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