Colin Cowherd: Giants are like a failed Blockbuster franchise

The New York Giants have the worst record of any NFC team over the past decade. That’s a fact that cannot be disputed.

The Giants’ fall from grace is frequent fodder for national talk radio and television host Colin Cowherd, who loves to take shots at the Big Blue front office and ownership.

“If you had an optimism meter in the NFL, the bottom of it has to be Carolina and the Giants if they lose Saquon Barkley,” Cowherd said this week on his daily show on FOX Sports, via Awful Announcing.

Daniel Jones in games that Saquon doesn’t play is 8-14. When I look at the Giants, when I was back there years ago, I felt like it was this great successful accounting firm. They feel like Blockbuster Video. They have not pivoted. Not very good upstairs. In 12 seasons since winning the Super Bowl, they have one double-digit winning season. And that is in the weaker NFC.

“Outside of Carolina, what is a bigger mess in the NFL? You have an owner that wants a quarterback that the GM and the coach privately don’t want. With Saquon Barkley, it is a BB gun offense. Without him, it’s a cracked water pistol. It’s bad, it is bad.”

It has been reported that Giants owner John Mara was not directly involved in the Daniel Jones contract. But, Cowherd comparing the Giants to fallen video behemoth Blockbuster is a correct analogy, one that really can’t be argued with.

Although most of the Giants’ woes can be pinned on the tunnel vision of previous general manager Dave Gettleman, current GM Joe Schoen has quite a few misses of his own.

Schoen and his head coach, Brian Daboll, appear to have the full confidence of ownership but that will wane if the team does not begin winning with regularity starting this year.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire