Cole Beasley doesn’t care about catches: ‘I’d rather not be involved and win’

Over the past few weeks, it’s been the perfect storm for Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley to be a topic of discussion.

In Weeks 4 and 5, Beasley combined for three catches and 21 yards. His volume of targets in those two games combined was only four, when in Week 3, he had 13.

In the midst of that downtick, Beasley made his presence felt on social media, once again in relation to his feelings toward the COVID-19 vaccine. It ended with him deleting his account on Twitter.

Throughout that whole debate on the slot receiver, the Bills still backed him. Both Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott and quarterback Josh Allen said they were confident in him.

“He’s a huge piece of our offense,” Allen said last week.

Turns out, they were right. Despite the Week 6 loss to the Tennessee Titans, 34-31, the Bills went back to him. Beasley had seven catches for 88 yards and a score. He nearly found the end zone twice as well.

But following the defeat, Beasley wasn’t doing any victory laps for himself.

Instead, Beasley said he’d give back all his targets and catches for a win.

“You never really know how the game is going to go, I knew there was going to be a chance [he would get targets],” Beasley said via video conference. “I was glad to be involved, but I’d rather not be involved and win rather than be involved and lose.”

Last week, McDermott said Beasley’s usage the past two games was “game plan related” and nothing more.

Regardless, the Bills (4-2) were right in at least one sense.

Beasley could still be counted on and deliver, which he did despite the loss.


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