Is Coby White the player the Chicago Bulls should be building around?

It is not every day that having a player making up close to half your ball club’s cap sheet go down injured for an extended period of time can turn out to be helpful, but in the case of star Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine needing several weeks off to heal up from a foot injury, it created an opportunity to get a closer look at then-backup floor general Coby White.

Now, with it looking more likely than ever that the Bulls’ front office is planning to move on from LaVine (and that massive contract), it could make a lot of sense for the team to see what they have in White as lead guard, surrounding him with complimentary players. Or could it?

That is the debate engaged on a recent episode of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast, where host Haize digs into the notion of White as a focal point for a retool of the Bulls.

Check it out above!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire