Coach Lovie Smith explains how Texans make changes with player personnel

The Houston Texans have one of the more interesting setups organizationally in the NFL.

General manager Nick Caserio has tended to operate as a hybrid front office boss and coaching consultant — at least during the David Culley era of 2021. With coach Lovie Smith in charge on the sidelines, Caserio has been more involved in the front office, and doing less of wearing headsets on game days.

While Caserio “handles an awful lot for our group,” according to Smith, the coaching staff is principally involved when it comes to making changes with player personnel.

“We as coaches kind of take care of those things,” Smith told reporters Monday inside NRG Stadium. “If there’s a change going on, player-wise, our process is we’re going to talk to the position coach and we’ll talk to the coordinator. Normally, the three of us will.”

However, the bigger the player’s impact, the higher the escalation for involvement.

Said Smith: “If there’s any major decisions that are being done, we’ll let everybody know, of course Nick and everybody else will know. Of course, [chairman and CEO] Cal (McNair) and everybody else will know exactly what we’re doing. We’re communicating constantly with what we’re doing with our football team.”

The Texans aren’t looking to make any big changes — such as a quarterback change — as they gear up to take on the Miami Dolphins in Week 12 at Hard Rock Stadium.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire