The Clippers gave up their biggest fan's seat to another

The Los Angeles Clippers are the obvious No. 2 team in Los Angeles, getting celebrities like Billy Crystal and Frankie Muniz instead of the heavy hitters like Jack Nicholson and Denzel Washington. They're a team in need of whatever publicity and support they can get.

So they should appreciate Clipper Darrell whenever possible. In case you're not familiar with this superfan's work, he's the guy who wears a blue and red suit at games, decked his car out to support the team, and generally spends way more time and money supporting a lottery team than anyone else in the NBA.

Except, according to Clipper Darrell, the team did him wrong Wednesday night for its game against the Chicago Bulls by selling his regular seat to another fan. After the jump, check out what he had to say on Twitter.

It's unclear exactly why Darrell's seat was up for sale, but I'm not sure any explanation can validate the franchise turning its back on a long-time fan. Even if Darrell doesn't have season tickets, he's sat there every other game this season. So what made this game particularly different?

It's tempting to say everyone can make-up here, but I'm not so sure this event will be forgotten by all parties. Darrell has given his adult life to the Clippers, boosting their profile around the league (and particularly on the Internet). No matter what circumstance made it so he didn't have the ticket for this game, the man has done enough for the franchise to earn a bit of charity.

I'm sure the Clippers have an explanation for this act. But nothing can change the fact that they gave up the seat of their biggest fan, a man who has devoted untold energy to a team that has rarely rewarded his faith. Blake Griffin(notes) has changed this franchise on the court, but they might be the same old Clippers off it.

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