The Clippers congratulate Chris Paul for winning an imaginary award

Leave it to the team that celebrates Black History Month in the wrong month to even screw up the awards given to their own players. Los Angeles Clippers All-Star point guard Chris Paul was recently named the Western Conference's Player of the Week after leading his team to four wins during the week ending on Sunday, with five consecutive victories overall. He scored over 21 points and dished over 11 assists per game during that span, and was well deserving of the Western Conference's Player of the Week award.

Not the "Offensive Player of Week" award, which isn't actually a thing. From ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin, as scoped-out during Wednesday's Clippers/Lakers tilt:

To be fair, Paul would likely win the Offensive Player of the Week award as well, because he was so good on that end last week. But unless the Clips have set up some award stylings that we're unaware of, perhaps they might want to give their video tributes the once-over before showing them on the arena scoreboard.

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