The Clippers celebrate with a giant Chris Paul head, dressed like a baby, following their Game 7 win

Throughout the team's opening-round series with the Memphis Grizzlies, the Los Angeles Clippers were introduced to the sporting nation via national airwaves as a team that likes to, ahem, enhance the foul-taking experience. The team gets hit a lot, but it also flops a lot. It flops when it gets hit, and it flops when there is no hit. And between Reggie Evans, Blake Griffin, and to a lesser extent Chris Paul, the team turned off fans of both the Grizzlies, and fans that had no dog in the fight with both the floppin' and the cussin' and the cryin' to the referees.

So it makes sense that a Grizzlies fan would adorn a giant Chris Paul poster with a baby bonnet and pacifier, and take it to a Clippers/Grizzlies game. And it makes sense that, following the Grizzlies' loss in Game 7 to the Clippers on Sunday, he would chuck the poster onto the court. And it makes even more sense that that Clippers would pick it up and party with the giant baby head in the locker room following the contest. Via the team's Twitter account, here's a picture of the par-tay:

The team even took the giant head onto the team's plane on Sunday afternoon, as it flew to San Antonio in anticipation of the squad's second-round matchup with the San Antonio Spurs:

We can't say we're especially fond of the Clippers embracing their reputation, but in terms of ad-hoc mascots go, it sure beats a Rally Squirrel. And I'm a Cardinals fan.

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