Clipper Darrell will organize a Staples Center sleep-in

Ball Don't Lie

When it comes to the upper class of fandom, Clipper Darrell is perhaps the king of kings. Rooting on a team that's given him little to cheer for, he nevertheless makes ridiculous amounts of noise, wears a blue-and-red suit, and generally reps for a franchise that does not deserve a fan of his loyalty. I mean, it even sold his seats for one game this year. That's like telling Wavy Gravy he can't hang out on stage at a Grateful Dead show.

Understandably, Darrell is upset at the prospect of not having any NBA games to attend this year. Not surprisingly, he has plans to show the Clippers and the NBA how much he cares. Except, unlike most protesters, he is going to take things lying down. Because he's going to stage a sleep-in at Staples Center (puns!). From Larry Brown Sports, a site that is sadly not run by the former NBA coach (via EOB):

Clipper Darrell first mentioned the sleepover protest on his twitter account August 16th. "I WANT BASKETBALL BACK!! The LA Clippers finally get a superstar & now it's an NBA lockout. I WILL SLEEP @STAPLES starting OCT.1 ..are u in?" Clipper Darrell wrote. He's been running a countdown to the sleepover, mentioning it every few days. He's even trying to recruit other people to join him "All NBA fans arena & restaurant employees camera people & anybody else this affects on Oct 1 protest lockout sleep over Staples Center."

Darrell says he won't leave Staples Center until the lockout ends but I don't buy it. What he doesn't realize is that this is going to go on through at least the end of the year. No way he goes Ghandi on everyone and remains at Staples for months — it's just not going to happen.

I would not be so sure, Larry Brown. Darrell is fiercely committed to his cause, enough so that he would sleep outside a basketball arena for an entire year to prove a point. Sure, things might get weird on nights when the NHL's Los Angeles Kings play, but Darrell can hold his own in those situations.

However, he should come with a plan to keep himself safe. While there will be some strength in numbers, there are probably going to be nights when Darrell is mostly alone and at the mercy of local hoodlums. He will have to find a talisman to ward off evildoers.

Luckily, the Chick Hearn statue at Staples Center is the creepiest thing ever. Stay close to it, Darrell. No one will want to come near you.

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