This clip encapsulates the respect Chase Young is getting from opponents

Peter Hailey
·1 min read

This clip captures the respect Young is getting from opponents originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Chase Young has essentially played six full games so far in his rookie season, as he left the Cleveland matchup very early and then missed the entirety of the Baltimore contest. And in those six appearances, he has 3.5 sacks.

That number is very respectable, but it's not the massive total fans were hoping he'd have at this juncture of the year. His mom certainly expected more, at least. 

So, why is Young at 3.5 takedowns and not something higher? This clip, from last Sunday's Giants loss, should give you an idea why:

If you want to be really obnoxious, you can sit there and debate whether Young was truly triple-teamed. Don't be obnoxious, though.

The overall point of the video is to highlight just how much respect (and fear) opponents have for Young. On that snap, New York used a tight end and a wide receiver to stifle him initially and then had their right tackle looming for extra protection.

You'd definitely like to see some of No. 99's teammates win their individual battles while he's trying to fight off an army of blockers, but in terms of the second overall pick himself, there's just no path to the QB when he's getting that much attention. 

So, yes, Young is having an impact for Washington. If you're worried about that, just look at how worried other teams are of him, and it should settle you down.