CLG director of esports: 'I have the FlyQuest match playing on a 24 hour loop in the LCS practice room'

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CLG took their loss to FlyQuest poorly (Jeremy Wacker)
CLG took their loss to FlyQuest poorly (Jeremy Wacker)

As the director of esports for Counter Logic Gaming, Matt “Trinitiii” Nausha has some things to say about his organization’s League of Legends team losing to FlyQuest in the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split playoffs.

In a large post on CLG’s official website, Trinitiii gave a glimpse into the current state of the teams currently flying the CLG banner.

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While there are fascinating details in every section of the post, the section on the League of Legends team was particularly interesting, especially after the team’s recent loss to FlyQuest.

“Leading up to the FlyQuest match the team had the two best weeks of practice I have ever witnessed. The amount of dedication and sacrifice was exactly what I expected all along. Unfortunately the team ended up losing, but games one and two showed what this team can really do when they dedicate themselves to the game.”

But then, CLG fell to the patented Hai “Hai” Lam reverse sweep, getting knocked out of the playoffs. Trinitiii didn’t take it well.

“The loss to FlyQuest was personal. I did not talk to anyone on the way home from the studio and was restless for many nights.”

He’s decided that things need to change within the team. And he wants to make sure the pain of loss is a core element to CLG’s growth.

“The loss forced me to challenge our approach to everything, including practices, wake up times, mental prep, etc. I cannot stand losing and will never tolerate it. Furthermore, to lose in the fashion we did is unacceptable…You should be frustrated and keep us accountable. I cannot promise anything other than I care and will do my best to make sure we do everything to win. To feel the pain and embarrassment of the loss, I have the FlyQuest match playing on a 24 hour loop in the LCS practice room.

“This is to keep that terrible feeling from that loss alive. It is a reminder of what happens when you don’t make the small sacrifices to be the best. A reminder of what we never want to happen again and that we need to do everything in our power to be the best, if that is truly what we want.“

Trinitiii had a lot to say about the other teams in the CLG organization, including discussing accusations against CS:GO’s Yassine “Subroza” Taoufik, dropping their Hearthstone team, and everything else under the CLG umbrella. You can read the full post over at the Counter Logic Gaming website.

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