A Cleveland radio host will eat horse poop because the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield No. 1

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A Cleveland radio host will be eating poop after making a bet that the Browns wouldn’t pick <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/ncaaf/players/229650/" data-ylk="slk:Baker Mayfield">Baker Mayfield</a> first. (AP)
A Cleveland radio host will be eating poop after making a bet that the Browns wouldn’t pick Baker Mayfield first. (AP)

Because the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield at No. 1, a Cleveland sports radio host says he’ll make good on a bet to eat No. 2.

That Cleveland radio host is Aaron Goldhammer. And before the draft, he was very confident that the Cleveland Browns were’t going to take Baker Mayfield with the first pick. How confident was he? He promised that if the Browns drafted Mayfield with the No. 1 pick, he’d eat horse poop. And fans have been talking about it for months.

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He wasn’t trying to hide from the extremely risky bet he made. Just an hour before the draft, Goldhammer was nervously waiting to find out if he would, in fact, have to eat horse poop.

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And then, of course, the Browns took Mayfield first. After a season in which Browns fans endured their team winning a grand total of zero games and looking both embarrassing and futile, it’s not hard to understand why they were borderline giddy about a local radio host having to make good on his promise to eat horse crap.

So will Goldhammer do it? Will he actually make good on his promise to put horse poop in his mouth and swallow it into his body?

He will! He’s going to eat the horse poop! And he seems way too excited about doing it. But maybe he’s getting this guy to help him turn it into a delicious meal.

Nope. It’s still horse poop. Do whatever you want with it, it’s still going to be horse poop. But good luck to Aaron Goldhammer in the task that lies before him. I suggest he pairs his meal of horse poop with a glass full of delicious antibacterial soap.

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