Cleveland Cavaliers security stops a fan's court-storming before it even starts

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The security crew for Cleveland Cavaliers home games at Quicken Loans Arena has had its fair share of run-ins with court-rushing fans over the past two seasons. In March 2013, an enterprising young man rushed the court to tell LeBron James to return to Cleveland as a free agent. This December, another fan told current Cavs star Kyrie Irving not to leave town. And just two weeks ago, another fan approached Kyrie before getting taken down by security. Apparently the crew is getting better at stopping fans before anything too dangerous can happen.

They're getting so good, in fact, that the latest planned court-storming was stopped before it could even start.

At around 7:55 local time, a fan sitting courtside tweeted that he would go on the court if he received 1000 retweets. He even added photos to prove it.

As you can see, the tweet received some attention. It got close enough that our friend Scotty seemed to have embraced the idea of interrupting the contest.

As noted by Seth Rosenthal of SB Nation, Scotty broke the 1000 RT milestone at about 8:32 ET. However, viewers did not see any fans on the court. So what happened?


Later, Scotty explained exactly what happened.


Scotty can claim overbearing treatment, but it seems obvious that he did not plan his perfect crime particularly well. If he'd merely researched the past few months of on-court activity at The Q, he'd have seen that security had every reason to be on high alert.

I'm no master criminal, but it seems like Scotty should have used a less popular social network. You need to hide in plain sight, my friend.

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