The Cleveland Cavaliers will give away a ‘Christmas Story’ leg-lamp bobblehead at a game this season

Ball Don't Lie

The 1983 comedy "A Christmas Story," an updated retelling of several of Jean "Excelsior!" Shepherd's short stories set in post-war Hammond, Ind., around the holiday season, is an unmitigated classic. In one of the film's more memorable scenes, the lead character's father (played by Darren McGavin) receives a package for winning a "sweepstakes" with "FRAGILE" stamped on it, and … do I really have to explain this to you? Like you haven't seen this scene (posted below) 942 times? Like you haven't been inside of walking distance from "A Christmas Story" DVD or VHS tape for a good 72 percent of your life? Like you don't already have your "it's a major award!" quips ready after reading the headline from this post?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are banking on such warm familiarity, and in an incredibly cool move the franchise is giving away mini leg-lamp bobbleheads ("bobbleshades?") to fans that brave the Cleveland winter long enough to see the team's Dec. 5 game against the Chicago Bulls.

Replica leg lamps have been on sale through various outlets for years, most famously showing up on the Sgt. Pepper-styled set of "Pardon the Interruption." Still, even though a taste for all things kitsch and potentially lascivious has grown in the decades since both the movie and Shepherd's childhood, those looking to purchase the lamp would face the same obstacles as Ralphie's old man faced. You can see anything you want on the Internet, now, but a lamp formed out of a stocking-clad female's leg is still pushing it, old man.

This is where the bobbleshade, at a scaled-down size, fits nicely. Something for home or the office, and not for the front of the living room for the entire neighborhood to see. Nicely played, Cleveland Cavaliers.

(HT: That NBA Lottery Pick.)

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