Clemson vs. Florida crew chief releases statement on end of the Super Regional

Crew chief Billy Van Raaphorst, serving as the first base umpire, released a statement early Monday morning detailing the events of the 13th inning during Florida’s 11-10 victory over Clemson in Game 2 of the Super Regional.

Due to the incident, Clemson head coach Erik Bakich and development coach Jack Leggett were ejected and suspended for the next season’s first two games. Clemson’s season ended with a loss to the Gators, who went on to the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska.

Here’s what Van Raaphorst had to say:

“In the top of the 13th inning the Clemson batter hit home run and spiked his bat into the ground. The crew got together due to the nature of the bat being spiked and to discuss a possible unsportsmanlike conduct violation as unsportsmanlike conduct warnings were issued in the 3rd inning. Coach Bakich came running out of the dugout when the crew got together. We told him to go back to the dugout while we huddled. We had to tell him three times to return to the dugout. Meanwhile Coach Leggett was in the dugout pointing and screaming at us about the crew huddling. Leggett was warned to stop, he continued waving his hands while yelling at the crew. At this point Leggett was ejected for failing to obey the warning. He then proceeded onto the field in foul territory and was warned to leave or be suspended. Leggett continued to yell at the crew while walking toward the foul line while failing to obey the ‘Prolonged warning.’ Leggett was then issued a two-game suspension. Once Leggett was ejected Coach Bakich who had not returned to the dugout stayed outside the dugout in foul territory and started raising his arms over his head while facing the crowd to clearly incite the crowd. Due to the previous unsportsmanlike conduct warning issued earlier we deemed this inappropriate, and he would be ejected for his actions.

“We ultimately decided that the batter’s actions were not an ejectable offense. The crew chief met Coach Bakich at the foul line to give him an explanation. He was told Leggett had been ejected… and suspended for coming out of the dugout, onto the field and failing to obey the prolonged warning. He was then told Backich himself was going to be ejected for not returning to the dugout and for inciting the crowd. After the ejection Bakich followed the Crew Chief several times around the infield and after being warned for prolonged activity was suspended for failing to obey the warning. The game continued and ended without further incident.”

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire