How Clemson has thrived as the underdog in the NCAA Tournament

Clemson basketball’s historic journey continues as they secure their first Elite Eight appearance since 1980 with a thrilling 77-72 upset over Arizona in the NCAA’s West Regional.

Despite being the underdogs, Clemson showcased unwavering determination, with Hall and Schieffelin leading the charge. Led by Chase Hunter’s 18 points, Clemson defied expectations and capitalized on turnovers to maintain control throughout the game. This victory over No. 2 Arizona highlights Clemson’s resilience and ability to thrive in adversity, making their underdog story all the more inspiring.

The Tigers being labeled as underdogs is not over embellishment, this team has been the underdog in every game they played. As the Midwest No. 6 seed against No. 11 UNLV, Clemson was underdogs and absolutely dominated the Round of 64. Then it was Baylor in the Round of 32, where the Tigers were once again underdogs but found a way to prevail. In the Sweet 16, a spot they haven’t made it past since 1980, Clemson took down Arizona as big underdogs.

That’s been the story of the Tigers tournament run. While there is no denying this team has a lot of talent and experience, they’ve gone into every game with expectations against them. That doesn’t change with their Elite 8 matchup against Alabama, where the Tigers are once again dogs.

Clemson has been so strong in this tournament because of what I mentioned: talent and experience. The Tigers have an excellent blend of the two, capable of running with the best of them while maintaining composure in tough situations. Clemson head coach Brad Brownell has run this team perfectly over the past few games, with the veteran presence on the court following his lead.

Another underdog game for the Tigers on the way and one you know they’re prepared for.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire