Clemson silences doubters after March Madness ‘upset’ labels

The Clemson men’s basketball team had many doubters heading into their first-round matchup against New Mexico in the 2024 NCAA Tournament, with the Tigers making those doubters look foolish with their performance.

Chase Hunter delivered a standout performance, propelling Clemson to a commanding 77-56 victory over New Mexico in the NCAA Tournament. Hunter’s season-high 21 points showcased Clemson’s dominance from the outset, with the team demonstrating superior shooting and unwavering control throughout the game. Despite New Mexico’s efforts to mount a comeback, Clemson’s relentless offense, buoyed by players like Ian Schieffelin, secured a decisive win, leaving New Mexico trailing in their wake.

From the opening moments, Clemson set the tone with Hunter’s impressive display, maintaining their lead and thwarting any attempts by New Mexico to gain momentum. With stellar performances across the board, including from Hunter and Schieffelin, Clemson’s victory was never in doubt, signaling their readiness to compete on the tournament stage.

The doubt they faced makes this win that much sweeter for the Tigers. From ESPN, 247Sports, and more, Clemson was nearly universally labeled as one of the top teams expected to get upset. Brownell’s squad heard the noise and responded, proving something important. They are a dangerous team when they are on their game.

From a talent perspective, this could be the best team Brownell has had. The Lobos were a first-round favorite, and the Tigers imposed their will on them. Continuing to create opportunities on the offensive side of the ball to smothering defense, Clemson was the complete package Friday.

Dabo Swinney’s Clemson football team isn’t the only program on campus that has proven they can thrive in underdog situations.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire