Clemson Football Officially in EA Sports College Football 25

Football fans and gaming enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as EA Sports makes a comeback in the college sports arena after over a decade. Through a Twitter/X announcement on Thursday, the gaming giant revealed plans to launch a new college football video game in the summer, set for the 2024 season.

The return of the game to Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox consoles opens doors for gamers to immerse themselves in college football rivalries and matchups once again, a privilege absent since 2013. Formerly titled ‘NCAA Football,’ the series was discontinued in 2013 amidst legal disputes revolving around name, image, and likeness concerns.

It’s now back and not only is it back, it’s back with the Clemson Tigers football program! The program announced Thursday morning that the Tigers are officially in, something fans can celebrate.

Here’s what the Athletic’s Chris Vannini had to say about player compensation for the game.

For some, this isn’t huge news, and that’s understandable… video games aren’t for everyone. For others, however, this is massive news. One of the best games of all time is returning, and Clemson will be a part of it.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire