Clemson finishes Top 25 in CBS Sports final 1-133 College Football rankings

Despite falling short of the anticipated success in the 2023 season, the Clemson Tigers showcased their strength and secured a solid position among the Top 25 teams nationwide.

Closing the season with a 9-4 record, the surprise came within the ACC, where the Tigers posted a 4-4 standing. This departure from their usual dominance in conference play under the Dabo Swinney era raised eyebrows. While encountering some closely contested matches, the overall 4-4 in-conference performance proved to be below the usual Clemson standard.

Fortunately, Swinney and the Tigers salvaged their season with an exhilarating 38-35 victory against Kentucky in the Gator Bowl. Regarded as one of the standout bowl games of the season, few would dispute its claim to that title.

Ending their season on a high note, the Tigers made an appearance in the Top 25 of CBS Sports’ final 133 rankings. Clemson landed at No.22 in their rankings. 

This feels low for the Tigers, with multiple teams ranked ahead of them that Clemson’s 2023 team looked better than down the stretch. Even so, it’s tough to complain when the Tigers earn a spot in the Top 25 of anything!

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire