Clemson barely makes the Top 25 in FOX Sports post-spring college football rankings

The 2023 Clemson football season had its ups and downs under Coach Dabo Swinney. They finished strong with a big win over Kentucky in the Gator Bowl, but their 9-4 overall record and 4-4 in the ACC left some fans wanting more consistency. Now, the focus is on how Clemson can improve in 2024.

Clemson fans are eager to see what changes the team will make for the upcoming season. There’s a lot of hope and excitement as they prepare for new challenges. With spring football behind us, everyone is now eagerly awaiting the start of college football.

The Tigers have a wide range of outcomes for 2024, with some seeing the program making a run back to the College Football Playoff and others seeing the Tigers dealing with another rough season. In FOX Sports latest post-spring Top 25 rankings, analyst RJ Young leans towards a rough season, giving the Tigers the lowest rank we’ve seen yet at No. 24.

It’s time for the Garrett Riley-Cade Klubnik relationship to flourish. If they have success, so will Clemson in a top-heavy ACC.

There’s not much analysis here, which makes it difficult to pinpoint why Young is this much lower on the Tigers than other rankings we’ve seen. Right now, this is the lowest we’ve seen, and I’m sure Young knows he’s lower on the Tigers than mostly everyone. 

Clemson has a strong chance to make this ranking look foolish in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire