Clement calls for improved pitch standards

Rangers manager Philippe Clement has called for Scottish football to improve the standard of pitches after his side's game at Dens Park was postponed on Sunday.

It marked the fourth time a game at Dundee's stadium has been called off after heavy rainfall this season.

But the Belgian says the weekend's postponement "has nothing to do with the weather".

“This will be the only pitch in all the leagues in Scotland where a game was postponed," Clement said. “That tells me that it has nothing to do with the weather.

“Yes, it rained, but it rained all over Scotland and there were pitches in other lower leagues where they could play football.

“There, the ball was bouncing. But here, the ball was not bouncing. So clearly there is something wrong.

“Also, there were spots on the pitch where they put lots of sand and there was no stability for the players. It is really dangerous for injuries.

“I think it’s a very important thing for the future that a league thinks about how to raise the level of the pitches and put standards on that like they do on other things."