‘Claim to Fame’ Hopes to Bring a ‘Spectrum of Celebrity Relatives’ Into the Spotlight — and Mix in Fun Gameplay

Claim to Fame” is a different type of series for Kinetic Content, a company best known for “Love Is Blind” and “The Ultimatum,” both on Netflix. But the lighthearted competition show — which premieres Monday on ABC — couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s an idea that makes you smile and taps into a pop culture confection: celebrity, mystery and gameplay. It’s a really fun show to watch and to play along with,” executive producer and Kinetic CEO Chris Coelen tells Variety.

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The series, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, follows 12 celebrity relatives living under one roof and attempting to conceal their famous family. They will compete in challenges and form alliances while trying to avoid elimination and win the coveted $100,000 prize.

Coelen, Eric Detwiler and Scott Teti serve as executive producers. Paul Osborne serves as the showrunner and executive producer, while Brian Smith serves as director and executive producer.

For those wondering just how famous the families of the contestants might be, don’t fret: The show boasts that it includes relatives of Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winners, MVP hall of famers, supermodels, movie stars, and one star who is the “greatest of all time.”

“I think we’ve had a tremendous spectrum of celebrity relatives,” Coelen says. “I think that there’s a lot of very big, boldface stars that the participants in our in our game are related to, and there are really stars that everyone across the audience spectrum will know and will like.”

Contestant Louise on ‘Claim to Fame’ - Credit: ABC
Contestant Louise on ‘Claim to Fame’ - Credit: ABC


Throughout the show, some of the celebrity relatives will be revealed to the viewers at home, while others will remain a secret until that person is eliminated or wins. “It’s a balance of how many people you reveal and who you reveal, and at the end of the day, I think that our decision really comes down to what’s what’s the most fun way to tell the story,” Coelen adds. “It’s not really any particular rhyme or reason that we would reveal one person or another person.”

The hosts also bring “such real enthusiasm,” he says, noting that they also have no clue which celebrities are the cast’s relatives, and enjoy guessing along with the rest of the group.

“Like so many of Kinetic’s hit shows, ’Claim to Fame’ is an addictive, must-see phenomenon for audiences,” says Rob Mills, executive vice president of unscripted and alternative entertainment at Walt Disney Television. “Kevin and Frankie’s dynamic and inherent chemistry drives the show perfectly, and the series format lends itself well to an interactive experience for viewers to play and guess along as we unveil the contestants’ celebrity relatives. With ‘Claim to Fame’ following ‘The Bachelorette’ on Monday nights this summer, we hope we fulfill the guilty pleasure viewing everyone needs.”

While Kinetic is home to “Married at First Sight,” “Love Is Blind” and “The Ultimatum” — and Coelen really enjoys the relationship genre — he was also very passionate about the “Claim to Fame” concept.

“It doesn’t feel like other shows. It feels very fresh and distinctive and new, and I think that’s really hard to do in this environment,” he tells Variety. “That’s what we’re always aspiring to do — something that feels fresh, fun and compelling for the audience.”

“Claim to Fame,” a Kinetic and Walt Disney Television Alternative production, premieres on ABC Monday, July 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

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