'City have got no weaknesses'

Erling Haaland of Manchester City celebrates with Bernado Silva
[Getty Images]

Former England winger Chris Waddle says Manchester City have "no weaknesses" as they continue their pursuit of an unprecedented fourth Premier League title in a row.

City blew Wolves away 5-1 on Saturday to keep the pressure on league leaders Arsenal and know victory in their remaining three games will guarantee them top spot.

"They [City] just grind you down," Waddle told BBC Radio 5 Live's Football Daily podcast. "They are all technically gifted, they have got the players in the right positions.

"[Erling] Haaland for me is an out-and-out goalscorer, everything around him is creativity with [Phil] Foden, [Kevin] De Bruyne, [Bernado] Silva, Rodri, [Mateo] Kovacic - they are all players who can create and open doors.

"The back four are big, strong, and pacy. The goalkeeper is fantastic. They are just a top class side. Wolves played into their hands.

"They just grind teams down. Where do you stop them - on the right, down the middle, on the left? They just come from everywhere.

"It becomes a habit. You win it, you want to win it again - you want to win this, you want to win everything. You've got that mentality. Pep Guardiola must be preaching to them all the time about what they need to do to win football matches.

"He's not going to let up on them, he's going to be at them all the time. That is the way he works. He's got a strong bench, everybody is fit.

"They have got no weaknesses really. I was looking today and thinking how can anybody play against Manchester City. Probably the only way is the old way, 70s and 80s style to go direct and pick up the second balls and put balls in the box.

"You are not going to out-football them."

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