How Ciara helped Russell Wilson level up his fashion game

Lindsey Wisniewski
NBC Sports Northwest

The Russell Wilson Hawaiian shirt can finally be laid to rest. 

It was one of Wilson's beloved pre-Ciara favorites and thankfully for us, it became immortalized in the meme world and Twittersphere forever. But Wilson has since ditched his funky threads and he's thanking his wife Ciara for the change. 

"I'm going to give you the credit, but listen, you stepped up my fashion game a little bit," Wilson told Ciara in an Instagram Live video Thursday. "I had something. Everyone makes fun because I wore the Hawaiian shirt, and that's the only photo y'all see. I'm going to Hawaii…anyways, I'll leave that back there. But listen, you said level up, I leveled up."

The Seattle Seahawks star quarterback and pop star took to Instagram Thursday in celebration of their five-year anniversary. The Wilsons shared stories about how they first met, and how Wilson's "janky" wallet caught Ciara's eye. She told him he was losing it. 

"I had this wallet. She says it was janky, I said it was necessary," Wilson said. "So I was single and I lost all my stuff back then. So, I had this bible-looking wallet. It had like my cards on one side, my phone on the other, but it was a broke down wallet."

He continued: "You need a man that's going to be consistent for you. This wallet has been consistent for me."

Well, Wilson's glow-up appears to be working. NFL Media's Andrew Hawkins recently parodied the All-Pro quarterback and his pre/post Ciara fits. The impression was spot on.  

What can we say? Behind every man is an even better woman. Happy Anniversary, Russell and Ciara!

How Ciara helped Russell Wilson level up his fashion game originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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