CI Podcast (Episode 2): The Matt Elam non-story is a big ol' nothing burger

Justin Rowland, Publisher
Cats Illustrated

In the second episode of the new and regular podcast we go in-depth on a range of topics, but one more than any other: Matt Elam.

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In this episode you'll hear:

— Why is the Matt Elam story even a story? (1:15)

— Matt Elam hasn't been a bust; He was overrated as a recruit ... The ridiculousness of his (isolated) five-star ranking (6:45)

— The defensive line is a major issue and Mark Stoops knows it...Here's why I know (14:45)

— The relationship between Matt House and Mark Stoops with the defense this year...Simplifying the defense (17:00)

— The status of Lynn Bowden and Michael Nesbitt (20:00)

— Stoops, surprisingly, never really had to address the issue of replacing lost explosiveness (22:00)

— How Stoops handled the quarterback question (23:45)

— Closing recruiting note on weekend visitors (25:30)

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