Chuck Clark asked for a trade after draft, but is “locked in” now

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When the Ravens signed Marcus Williams as a free agent and drafted Kyle Hamilton in the first round this offseason, it seemed like they might move to phase Chuck Clark out of his starting safety spot.

Clark thought that might be the case and he confirmed on Thursday that he was “definitely surprised” and asked the team to trade him. The Ravens never showed interest in making such a move, however, and Clark kept showing up in his typical spot with the first team during practice sessions.

None of that means Clark won’t be moving on after the 2022 season or at some other point in the future, but it does mean that his focus has gone from a trade to doing everything he can to help the team.

“There was definitely a time I didn’t know what was going to happen, honestly,” Clark said, via the team’s website. “And whatever was to come with that was going to come. At one point I did feel that way, but now that I’m out here with my team, man, I’m just like . . . I’m here, I’m locked in. They’re going to get what I got for right now. So, whatever comes in the future, that’s what’s going to come.”

The Ravens touted the versatility they have on defense this season with Clark, Williams and Hamilton on hand and it sounds like Clark has fully bought into that approach despite his initial trepidation about the team’s direction.

Chuck Clark asked for a trade after draft, but is “locked in” now originally appeared on Pro Football Talk