Christopher Johnson reportedly will stay patient with Adam Gase (but what about Woody?)

Mike Florio
ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports

As the storm clouds quickly gather over the coaches leading both New York franchises, there’s an emerging sense that both Giants coach Pat Shurmur and Jets coach Adam Gase are on the endangered species list. That may not be the case for Gase, however.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jets chairman Christopher Johnson is expected to stay patient with Gase.

“Circumstances always could change, but ownership is not inclined to make any head-coaching moves,” Schefter writes.

But ownership isn’t Christopher Johnson; it’s his big brother Robert Wood Johnson IV. At some point, Woody will return from the U.K., where he’s been serving as the U.S. ambassador. And there continues to be a sense that the franchise is simply treading water until Woody re-crosses the Atlantic, and then fires everyone.

Here’s something I’ve mentioned a time or two recently on PFT Live: Wouldn’t it be the ultimate Jets move for Woody to eventually bring back Rex Ryan? Hell, bring back Mike Tannenbaum, too, and put back together the band that went to the AFC Championship in consecutive years, the best two-year run for the franchise since winning Super Bowl III.

That’s still a year or two or maybe more away. For now, the best way the Jets can stave off major changes when Woody comes back will be to win.

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