'A Christmas Story Live!' frustrates some viewers when they realize it's a musical

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A Christmas Story Live! aired on Fox Sunday night. And the musical version of the famous film, A Christmas Story, was not what some were expecting. Many took to social media to share their disapproval.

A Christmas Story: The Musical ran for a limited time on Broadway in the fall of 2012. And while it was fairly well received and has since become a successful touring production, many people were not aware of it.

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When people tuned in to see what they thought would be the classic film performed live, they were shocked to see the elaborate — and sometimes long-winded — musical numbers.

That being said, the overwhelming majority of viewers gave positive feedback on social media — with good reason: The performances were fantastic and the live production value was truly impressive.

Plus, the musical had most of most popular moments from the film — such as the leg lamp, the bunny, and of course, Flick getting his tongue stuck to the frozen flagpole.

But there were a few differences, most notably the famous performance of “Deck the Halls” by the Chinese staff at the restaurant. The scene has played on racist stereotype that many Asians pronounce L’s as R’s. But in this version, the singers hit every note and consonant perfectly.

Overall it was a great production. But perhaps the next time Fox decides to do a holiday musical, they should pick a popular musical instead of a musical based on a popular film.

Watch as many of James Corden’s famous friends join him for a special holiday “Carpool Karaoke”:

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