Christian McCaffrey ahead of pace to break NFL yards from scrimmage record

Michael David Smith

Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey is well on his way to the most productive season for a running back in NFL history.

McCaffrey has 1,059 rushing yards and 517 receiving yards this season, giving him 1,576 yards from scrimmage. That puts him on pace for 2,523 yards from scrimmage for a 16-game season.

That would be a new NFL record. The current record for yards from scrimmage in a season belongs to Chris Johnson, who had 2,509 yards from scrimmage with the 2009 Titans.

Although McCaffrey has been mentioned as an MVP candidate, it seems unlikely he’ll actually win the award, both because the Panthers appear set to miss the playoffs, and because in today’s NFL, the MVP is mostly a quarterback award. Still, there’s no doubt that McCaffrey is having an outstanding season, and if he keeps it up it will be remembered as one of the best seasons any running back has ever had.