Chrissy Teigen boycotts 'Roseanne,' and Trump supporters couldn't care less

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Roseanne is back on television, whether you like it or not – and some people really don’t like it at all.

Critics and even longtime fans of the popular ’90’s sitcom were torn over the show’s newfound political stance. Roseanne Conner is a Trump supporters, just like the actress who plays the iconic character Roseanne Barr. Many fans were unable to put aside their political beliefs and enjoy the reboot of the show they once loved.

Chrissy Teigen happened to be one of those fans who couldn’t bring herself to watch Roseanne given Barr’s outspoken support of President Donald Trump. “It’s a show that I grew up on,” the model told the AP last week. “My dad still reminds me so much of John Goodman. I related to that family so much more than any family on television. It is hard for me to support somebody personally that has such wildly different, they’re not even different views. It just comes down to a humanity standpoint. But it’s hard.

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Roseanne fans, many of whom are also Trump supporters, didn’t take Teigen’s words kindly. They blasted the model on social media.

Conservative fans, however, are not only targeting Hollywood stars with their unwavering support of Roseanne and the Trumpeter who plays her. Many are taking the boycott as a challenge to keep the conservative-leaning program on air as long as possible. They’re using the ratings as a victory tool against the liberals who are boycotting the show.

Their efforts seem to be working. The show’s “live” ratings were a record shattering 18.45 million viewers for last Tuesday’s premiere. Roseanne added an additional 6.59 million eyes in “delayed” viewing which accounts for DVR views. The successful premiere secured a second season for the series. It’s safe to say Roseanne’s fans aren’t bothered by the liberal boycotts.

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