Chris Webber asks ‘Ice Cream Couple’ when they’re getting married live, hilarity ensues (Video)

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Back in March, Turner Sports analyst Chris Webber had a bit of fun during NBA TV's weekly "Fan Night" broadcast — they tend to get loose on Fan Night — by highlighting an Indiana Pacers fan who didn't seem too keen on sharing his ice cream with the young lady to his right. Lest we forget:

The "Ice Cream Couple," later identified as Jake Moran and Georgia Arnett of Zionsville, Ind., became a bit of a viral sensation, making appearances on both local and national television programs to chat about the snub, whether sharing really is caring, and other matters of global import. Things pretty much died down from there, as tends to be the case with items and individuals of fleeting interest in This Internet Age.

With the Pacers once again in the Fan Night spotlight for Tuesday's marquee matchup against the Miami Heat, though, the NBA TV decided to ring up Moran and Arnett for an interview as the evening's Fans of the Week, to check in and see how they've fared over the intervening months. A pleasant time was had by all ... until Webber asked a question that caught the couple off guard:

If you're wondering why Moran covered his mouth, why Webber bounced up and down like a beside-himself schoolboy, and why Greg Anthony said he had to go take a call from the FCC, it's because Moran's knee-jerk reaction to Webber asking when they'd get hitched was to curse on live television. I'm not sure how many letters his expletive was, but I do know that it triggered a quick dump-out of NBA TV's audio. Whether it triggered a fresh round of "You really have to stop making us look bad on cable" chatter from young Ms. Arnett remains unclear, though.

I'd suggest Moran try to smooth over the choppy "when's-the-question-getting-popped?" waters by taking his lady out for ice cream, both as a kind gesture and a gentle little poke at the moment that brought them here. I'd stay away from ordering rocky road, though; that's a bit on the nose, you know?

Top video via @cjzero. Bottom video via TheBloodyOwldotcom.

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