Chris Simms: ‘Wentz can do some dumb crap… but could be dangerous’

What were others Wednesday, like Pro Football Talk, saying regarding Ron Rivera making a change at quarterback from Taylor Heinicke to Carson Wentz?

Chris Simms admitted he was surprised that Rivera had brought Carson Wentz up again as part of the quarterback picture and that he (Simms) didn’t know if Rivera would go ahead and pull the trigger.

He also alluded to how watching film of Heinicke each week he was seeing plays that Heinicke missed and really should have connected on. “So he leaves plays and points on the field.”

Simms continued, “Rivera looks at Wentz and says there is great potential with Carson. I got the team in the spot right now where Carson Wentz will be able to take advantage, make more explosive plays and make them a more dangerous offense and make you defend more of the field because of his big arm. So there is greater potential there.”

“But as we know, Mike (Florio), with Wentz, he can do some dumb crap too. So it will be about him finding that line and finding that sweet spot that works for him.”

Mike Florio reminded viewers Rivera, and Martin Mayhew should be thankful they didn’t land Russell Wilson because they would have given up a lot more than they did for Wentz and gotten even less in return.

Florio offered, “I feel like Taylor Heinicke’s ceiling is lower than Carson Wentz’s ceiling. There are too many moments with Heinicke when he plays that you just get lucky…It seems like there is one of those every game.”

“The moment the backup (Heinicke) cools off, that’s when you go back to the starter. We’ve seen that time and again. So, with the season on the line, they are putting their best foot forward. Even though both have flaws, I feel like Wentz has the higher ceiling. So, I understand it.”

Simms closed by saying because the Commanders can run the ball, if they protect Wentz with the weapons of McLaurin, Samuel and Dotson, Wentz is better than Heinicke at getting the ball down the field, so they could become dangerous on offense.


Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire