Chris Simms commends Ravens' 'brilliant' Yannick Ngakoue trade

Mike DePrisco
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Chris Simms commends Ravens' 'brilliant' Ngakoue trade originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Ravens didn't wait for the trade deadline on November 3, they took a swing and landed one of the best pass rushers in the NFL in Yannick Ngakoue Thursday. 

It cost them a third-round pick and conditional fifth-round pick, which is not a big price to pay to sure up a weakness on an already fearsome defensive unit. 

The Vikings were seemingly in fire-sale mode after a disappointing loss to the Falcons in Week 6 and with Ngakoue set to become a free agent, they tried to get what they could for a player they gave up a second and fifth-round pick for less than two months ago.

For the Ravens, they continue to work toward winning a Super Bowl, and Ngakoue's presence on the defensive line should help them against teams like the Chiefs. 

"I really think that's what this comes down to," Chris Simms said on PFT Live. "We know the defense is awesome, but we've seen against the Cheifs and even last week against Carson Wentz who doesn't have great talent [at receiver], they have to blitz too much.

"They have to leave their secondary vulnerable so much, and I think they realize, 'We're not going to beat the cream of the crop in the AFC, or Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship game if we have to blitz five and six and seven guys all the time to get after him," he said. "So that's what I think it's all about, brilliant move by the Ravens, way to go."


We saw the Ravens almost give up a 17-point lead in the second half to a batter Eagles team because they continued to blitz Wentz and leave their corners in difficult spots. They've been able to get away with it so far this year because their corners are incredible, but it's not a sustainable strategy against the league's elite. 

"Now the Ravens can do anything they want. They can rush four, drop seven into coverage knowing they can get pressure. If they have to get big and play a run-style type of team, they'll be able to do that because they have tons of big people too. It just makes them more versatile, able to match up against different opponents, and I think the real big thing is to match up against the really good quarterbacks in football that they might have to face when things get really real."

With a defensive front consisting of Ngakoue, Matthew Judon, Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams, the Ravens should be able to give just about anyone trouble without much help from extra rushers. Not to mention the fact that Baltimore has now acquired Ngakoue and Campbell for a third-round pick and two fifth-round picks. 

This is a Ravens team already second in the league in sacks and third in forcing turnovers. The potential here is scary.