Chris Simms has barely seen Zach Wilson play and already loves his potential

Peter Hailey
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Chris Simms hardly knows Zach Wilson and already loves his potential originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Washington Football Team has eight games left on its schedule as well as an outside shot at the playoffs, but now, like always, a lot of fans are looking ahead to the next class of quarterbacks and wondering how they'd help the Burgundy and Gold.

While the franchise almost assuredly won't be a part of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes, they could be in the running for Justin Fields. However, if they want to target a first-round passer, Trey Lance and Zach Wilson seem to be the most likely candidates for now, although a lot can change between now and the draft. A lot will, in fact.

During an interview with the Washington Football Talk podcast, NBC analyst and former NFLer Chris Simms raved about Lawrence and Fields and then expressed doubt about Lance. When Wilson came up, though, Simms responded like he'd just downed four Red Bulls — despite having barely watched Wilson's tape this year.

Actually, before getting to Simms' take, just look at how excited he is at the mere mention of the rising star:


Chris Simms nearly vaults out of his chair when discussing Zach Wilson

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OK, now that's been established, here's his take.

"Let me just say, the BYU guy has caught my eye," Simms said. "He is a phenomenal thrower of the football."

Because Simms is so focused on the pro side these days, he hasn't had a lot of time to study Wilson's skill set. He did catch him on TV last week, however, when Wilson went 22-of-28 for 360 yards and three TDs in a win at Boise State, and that was more than enough to impress Simms.

"I don't even know his name, I just know him as BYU guy right now," Simms explained. "The talent is real."

Joe Theismann shares an opinion that's similar to Simms'; the Washington legend recently came out and told the Sports Junkies that he's "enamored" with Wilson. He's getting more and more buzz by the week.

While Simms isn't that familiar with Wilson yet, he definitely will get there as the draft approaches. Many others will, too. Perhaps Washington will also develop an appreciation for the prospect, one that's big enough to take a chance on him in April 2021.