Chris Paul will have a signature fragrance

Over the course of an NBA game, the players involved reach peak levels of physical exertion most human beings will never experience. They sweat a lot, naturally, and that makes them smell quite terrible. After games, they need to figure out a way to turn that body odor into something a heck of a lot more tolerable.

It's a little surprising, then, that more players have not developed a signature fragrance. Go to any Sears, and you'll see that impossibly masculine celebrities from Antonio Banderas to Bruce Willis have their own scents. And those guys don't even do their own stunts!

Luckily, Chris Paul is here to change the cologne market forever. As announced by Avon on Thursday, CP3 will get his own signature fragrance (via TBJ):

Avon Products, Inc. today announced that Los Angeles Clippers basketball star Chris Paul will be joining the company’s team as the face of a new men’s fragrance, Untouchable. A legend in the making, Paul –husband, proud father of two and founder of the CP3 Foundation – represents the future of basketball and the power of the will to win. The new scent will capture the thrill of hitting the court when the crowd is going wild, sinking the game-winning shot and bringing home victory.

“The drive to win is what gets me out of bed every morning,” explains Paul. “This new scent with Avon will capture the competitive attitude that motivates me to play my best on and off the court.” [...]

Untouchable will launch Father’s Day 2013 and will feature Chris Paul and his son, Christopher Emmanuel II, in brochure. The fragrance will be available for $25 exclusively through Avon Representatives.

Personally, I would have said "it is literally the only thing that kill the scene of post-game stench," but that's probably why I'm not in marketing or advertising.

You may remember that Michael Jordan released a signature fragrance in the mid-90s, complete with an ad that presented MJ as a normal guy who gets ready for the day just like anyone else. Michael Jordan Cologne is still available for purchase, too, so CP3 has an impressive standard of success to meet.

He has a chance to do so if only because he is including his son in the ad campaign. As NBA fans know, Chris II — or CP4, if you want to be cute — is probably the most charismatic child in the NBA. I know little kids shouldn't wear cologne, but in this case we might need to make an exception.

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