Chris Paul got an autographed picture of Kelly Kapowski for his 29th birthday (Photo)

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Chris Paul turned 29 years old back on May 6, but he was a little bit busy on the exact date, what with his Los Angeles Clippers both engulfed in insanity and in the midst of a second-round playoff series against reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now that his squad's been eliminated and the insanity seems (for the moment, at least) to have subsided, the All-Star (and first-team All-Defense!) point guard is finally getting around to opening up his birthday presents ... and man, did he get an absolute killer here:

Yep, that's personalized to CP3 and autographed by actress Tiffani Thiessen — better known to '80s babies everywhere, of course as Kelly Kapowski from the kid-focused NBC high-school sitcom "Saved by the Bell," which aired from 1989 through 1993 but lives forever in syndication, on the Internet and in our hearts ... and now, one would suspect, on the wall of Chris Paul's home office. (Suddenly, a Lance Stephenson meme joke doesn't seem like such a great gift.)

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"This is easily one of the best Bday gifts I've ever received in my 29yrs on this Earth!!!" Paul wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. "#KellyKapowski #My1stLove #WeWereTogether #SheJustDidntKnowIt #CuzImSavedByTheBell"

Not to be outdone, Paul's Clipper teammate Hedo Turkoglu promptly produced a publicity headshot signed "to Hidayet, my No. 1 fan," by Dennis Haskins, TV's Mr. Belding. (Probably.)

This would be even better if the gift-giver bought a signed Tori Spelling-as-Violet for Cliff Paul.

There are probably an awful lot of dudes between the ages of, say, 25 and 40 feeling at least a little bit jealous of Paul right about now ... including, perhaps, Miami Heat star LeBron James, who said in a Twitter Q&A back before the start of this season that he carried a bit of a torch for Ms. Kapowski as a young kid growing up in Akron:

Might be time to get on your boy CP3's level, LeBron. Maybe you could ask Dwyane Wade if he can get you the hook-up; after all, his fiancée Gabrielle Union did appear briefly on "Saved by the Bell: The New Class," and I'm sure everybody from the Baysideverse — Beldingverse? Screechiverse? — keeps in touch.

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